Production of valve balls


Since the founding of the plant, we have been manufacturing high-precision ball valves for more than 20 years. We supply our ball caps to countries all over the world. We collect senior talents, we have a high-class team with constant innovation and strong technical force. Through our experience with several world famous ball valve manufacturers, we have been able to establish ourselves as a reliable and experienced supplier of BALLS AND VALVE SEATS.

Our main products are valve balls :

1: hard sphere

The hard sphere is mainly made from forged blanks, and can also be processed with high precision using rods. Solid spheres cover soft sealing spheres and metal hard sealing spheres, straight and multi-way balls, rod spheres, V-balls, etc. Main materials include: A105, LF2, F6A, 4140, F304, F316, 17-4PH, F51 , F53, F55, F60, Monel, Inconel, etc. The production range is from 1/2" to 64" (DN15mm to 1600mm) and the pressure is from 150lbs to 2500lbs. Sphere surface treatment: polishing, nickel plating, hard chrome plating, nitriding, ENP, hardfacing, HVOF coating, tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, stellite, Ni60…

2: hollow sphere

There are two types of hollow spheres, which are mainly hollow spheres pressed from pure steel pipes. They are pressed into spheres with seamless steel pipes or longitudinally welded pipes. No inner body. Floating all-welded ball valve. The other is welding and forming steel plates as the main material, mainly large-diameter fixed spheres. Main materials include: Tp304/L, Tp316/L, Tp321 and so on. Surface treatment of hollow spheres is limited to polishing!

The future of business depends on investment in innovation and quality. If you share the same philosophy with us, welcome to be our partner.