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Well-Known All-Welded Ball Valve Brands

◆No leakage: The product is made of seamless steel pipe using an integrated automatic welding process. No leaks at the valve center and spigot connection, saving flange bolts and gaskets and reducing installation costs.

◆Zero leakage, maintenance-free for 15 years: O-ring is made of 25% carbon fiber PTFE, 25% carbon fiber and disc spring valve seat design, which has strong adaptability to temperature and pressure changes. When the number of openings and closings of the ball valve increases, the sealing surface is worn or the pipeline pressure is unstable, the belleville spring mechanism behind the valve seat performs free compensation to ensure a tight fit between the sealing surface and the ball and ensure zero leakage.

◆Can be buried directly: Directly buried welded ball valve can be buried directly underground, no need to build high underground wells, just install shallow wells on the ground, according to the pipeline design requirements, the length of the valve stem can be adjusted, saving a lot of design time and construction cost.

◆ Light torque and valve weight: The valve body is made of the same material as the pipeline, so there will be no uneven stress, which reduces pipeline bending stress. It avoids vehicle deformation after passing the ground or earthquake, has a long service life and reduces maintenance costs.

These major international brands, especially the VTON brand from the USA, are widely used in engineering projects in the main fields of the world:

1. City gas: outlet gas pipeline, main and outlet gas pipeline, etc.

2. Central heating: output pipelines, main lines and branches of large heating equipment. Heat exchanger: open and closed pipes and circuits.

3. Steel mills: pipelines for various liquids, exhaust gas pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.

4. Various industrial equipment: various heat treatment pipes, various technical gas and heat pipes.