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About hollow ball plugs

Ball plugs are of two types: solid and hollow. The hollow ball plugs we are discussing are divided into the following four types, depending on their design characteristics:

1: A-type hollow ball (steel pipe is pressed and formed, there is no welded pipe in the through hole).

The ball billet is directly pressed into a spherical shape through straight seam welded pipe or seamless pipe, and then directly processed into a spherical finished product. There is no inner sleeve welded inside the hollow ball plug, and the inner wall of the ball plug can be seen directly after the groove is machined. This type of hollow ball plug has the lowest production cost, the diameter is from 40mm to 300mm, and the final product is a floating ball.

2: Type B hollow ball (steel pipe is pressed and formed, with an inner sleeve in the through hole, and simple fuse welding in the groove)

This ball plug is a proper upgrade based on the type A hollow ball. The ball blank is directly pressed into the sphere by straight seam welded pipe or seamless pipe, and then a steel pipe is welded inside the sphere to form the diameter of the ball plug (that is, the inner hole). The groove of this sphere is usually dominated by the moon-shaped groove. Please note that the fuse groove may leak. The spheres are also floating ball plugs with diameters ranging from 40 mm to 300 mm.

3: C-type hollow ball (no gap, no leakage)

This type of ball plug is basically the same as type B ball plug. The only difference is that the whole metal block is welded to the ball plug in the groove, and there is no leakage after the ball groove is machined. After the finished ball is muted, there is no visual difference with a solid ball, but it will be much lighter in weight compared to the same size and size. After all, this is emptiness!

4: D-type hollow ball (steel sheet welding)

When the ball diameter is more than 300mm, the entire ball plug is mainly rolled with steel plates according to the dimensions of the customer's drawings and welded to the shape. The maximum diameter of this sphere can reach 1600 mm. This is usually a fixed ball plug.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that any inquiries about hollow ball plugs must specify the wall thickness requirements on the drawings so that our factory can make an accurate quote! If you have questions on such areas, do not hesitate, we are the most professional! Looking forward to sending your drawings to my email