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The large-sized welded steel sheet ball plug exported to Russia has successfully passed the strict inspection of an independent quality control agency.

After the hard work of all employees, the fixed ball plug welded from large diameter steel sheets was successfully completed for an old Russian customer. All balls are equipped with all-welded ball valves with a diameter of 1000 mm, material TP321, inside the stiffener.


The manager of our quality control department, accompanied by a customer-appointed inspection representative, carried out a rigorous inspection in accordance with the prescribed inspection process and requirements:


1: Use the spectrometer to check the material of various parts of the ball plug.

2: Roundness test with roundness tester

3: The wall thickness was checked on various parts using a thickness gauge.

4: The processing size was measured with a caliper.

The whole verification process is very strict and thorough. grateful! At the same time, I hope that Russian customers will have a stable flow of orders, and hope to cooperate more closely next time!