History of the company


Established a ball valve factory, mainly processing small diameter floating ball plugs.


The company was transformed into Zhejiang Yaqiu Valve Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 5.08 million yuan. The diameter of the solid ball plug produced is up to 1000mm, and the processing of the fixed ball is increased.


The diameter of the ball plugs produced is increased to 1600mm, and the balls from 1000mm to 1600mm in diameter have been welded with steel plates to fix the balls, mainly supplying ball plug accessories for all-welded ball valve factories.


Registered ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.


Founding of SHINEWAY in Hong Kong


Established SHINEWAY ball valve department, specializing in the production of fully welded small diameter ball valves (up to 50mm) and cast stainless steel ball valves (50mm to 250mm).


Joint ventures with well-known valve manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea have established a long-term supply relationship. In addition to exporting balls to Taiwan and South Korea, we have also added large diameter ball valve body processing services and a full set of finished products for small diameter all-welded ball valves. .Production lines and exported to Taiwan and South Korea in large quantities.