Solid valve balls

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Our solid ball plugs are made directly from forgings or bar stock. Compared with hollow balls, the quality and delivery time of solid balls is easier to control, because the delivery of forged ball blanks is very fast, and there is no need to worry about wall thickness when processing balls. Solid balls are the solution for optimal durability. Over time, the chance of failure is low. The choice of a solid ball plug depends on the quality requirements of the product and the operating conditions of the ball valve.

Specific Information

SHINEWAY specializes in precision machining of solid ball plugs for global ball valve manufacturers. Sizes from 1 1/2 to 40 inches.

Main products

- Hollow and solid valve balls

- Welded steel plate balls (with welded tube inside)

- Balls with floating and trunnion valve

- Two-way and multi-way ball valves

- Valve balls with soft and metal seat and seat kit

- Stainless steel valve balls

- Forged steel valve balls

- Stem valve balls

- V-bore valve balls

Hole diameter:

from DN15 mm to DN1000 mm

Rated pressure:

from PN16 to PN420


ASTM A105, A350 LF2, A182 F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F317, F321, A182 F51, A182 F53, A182 F55, A182 F60, A182 F6a/AISI 410, 17-4PH, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Inconel 825 400, Monel 500, Hastelloy,

Surface treatment:

Plating: polishing, nickel plating, hard chromium plating, nitriding, ENP, hardfacing, laser hardfacing, HVOF plating, oxy-acetylene flame, plasma spraying process, tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, stellite, Inconel625, Monel400, Monel500, Ni60….

Optional design:

- Ball type: fixed or floating, double-sided or multi-way, with rod design, with soft or hard seal, can be processed into solid ball plugs.

- Groove design: The floating ball is mainly a moon groove, and the fixed ball is processed according to the requirements of the customer's drawing.

- Scope of application: floating ball valve, fixed ball valve, hard seal metal ball valve, high pressure ball valve, all-welded ball valve, etc. The application area of solid ball valve is wider than that of hollow ball valve!

The products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, and are exported to Russia, Poland, Spain, Britain, Italy, South Korea and other countries, and have received wide recognition and praise from foreign merchants. The company will provide quality products, high-level services, and carefully build the "SHINEWAY" brand. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to inquire.

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